Our Pricing

Solus Distribution - $50.00 per 1000 flyers
Your flyers are distributed on their own and you don't have to share the limelight with anyone else. We dedicate distributors solely to your campaign and ensure you get the optimum response.

We recognise that not all businesses can cope with the response from a larger distribution. For this reason we require a minimum order for the distribution of just 1000 flyers - ideal for smaller businesses.


Shareplan  - $40.00 USD per 1000 flyers
A regular drip feed flyer distribution done every Tuesday at the following intersections

  • Prime One - Borrowdale road / Churchill  and Enterprise rd and Glenara
  • Prime Two -  Enterprise Rd/ Samora Machel  and Samora Machel / Rekai Tangwena
  • Prime Three - Coke Corner and ZBC Mbare
  • Prime Four - Borrowdale road / Whitwell and Second street / Tongogara

Up to 4 other non competing businesses flyers going out with yours.