Sponsor our next Goodie Bag!

swagbagsThe Flyer Distribution Company can help promote your brand, product or service at Harare’s next premium event buy including your free product samples, branded gifts and giveaways, discount vouchers, gift certificates and promotional material in our exclusive Event GoodieBags.

Our Event GoodieBags provide an ideal low cost vehicle for placing product samples and promotional print material directly into the hands of a captive and highly targeted market segment at events. Product Sampling through our GoddieBags is an ideal marketing solution because It introduces products and services to enthusiastic participants and attendees’ to some of Harare’s premium events.

Samples offer consumers a practical opportunity to try new products and brands for free. Nine out of ten consumers say they would purchase a good or service if they experienced it and were satisfied. Consumers are always looking to test products before making their purchasing decisions and the more a brand can provide them with a sample trial, the more willing and confident a consumer feels to make a final purchase. Engaging the consumer through sampling allows your brand the ability to make an impactful connection with the consumer leading to a higher likelihood of a final purchasing decision.

To include your product samples, promotional giveaway or advertising flyers in our next Goodie Bag  or for information on upcoming events where our next Goodie Bags will be distributed please email us at info@flyerdistribution.co.zw or click here to contact us!